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Outpatient alcohol treatmentWhat is outpatient treatment for alcohol?

Most outpatient treatment programs geared specifically for alcohol addiction include:

  • An expectation of abstinence from alcohol
  • An initial assessment to determine the needs of the client
  • Seminars and activities for alcohol treatment that the client is expected to attend
  • Goal setting and formation of a treatment plan
  • Rules about individual’s behavior while they attend outpatient treatment for alcohol abuse.  Breaking rules may mean individual is ejected from the outpatient program
  • A certain number of therapy session each week will be agreed upon
  • Clients are generally asked to divulge personal information in individual or group settings about themselves with other clients

Just as with most outpatient programs, outpatient alcohol treatment requires work to bring forth progress.  However, if clients are ready and willing to work hard, the results of outpatient treatment for alcohol are rewarding and life changing for many.