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inpatientTaking precautions in outpatient recovery

Upon completion of intense addiction rehab, most individuals are involved in some sort of outpatient recovery.  The amount of intensity involved in the outpatient process depends upon the individual and his/her goals.  It is extremely important to note, however, that precautions must be taken to avoid relapse into addiction while in outpatient recovery.

Many have heard of pop star Brittney Spears.  Her life style is far different than the average person. Studio recordings, rehearsals, performances in front of thousands of fans, interviews and tons of travel to name a few differences. However, one thing many in recovery can relate to with Spears is her battle with drug addiction.  Most are familiar with the public breakdown Spears experienced in 2007 due to her struggle with drugs, alcohol and mental illness. However, since her recovery, she has tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle and take certain precautions.  In Britney Spears’ case, her management team is aware the star might still be prone to tempting outside influences.  So, as a precaution, they have instituted drug testing for the staffers of her new Las Vegas residency show, Britney: Piece of Me in order to ensure Spears stays on track with her recovery and work schedule.

STAR magazine recently reported that, “Anyone who works with Britney, be it her trainer or her hairstylist, has to be tested and open to random pat-downs.  After everything she’s been through, they just want to keep her far away from drugs.”

Others, such a Demi Lovato have done similarly.  It was recently reported that during the entire season of the X-Factor that Lovato appeared on, she took precautions and stayed in a sober living home each night to help her stay on track with her outpatient recovery.

Often, during inpatient recovery, people and relationships that encourage drug use are noted and so precautions can be taken to deal appropriately with those factors during outpatient recovery.  This way, a process can be in place to remove oneself from triggering friends and situations.  And, let’s face it, when it comes to addiction recovery it doesn’t matter if you’re a famous pop star or the mom down the street, every precaution to stay sober is what is needed for lasting outpatient recovery.