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RecoveryDuringThanksgivingOutpatient Recovery during Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be a difficult time for those in outpatient addiction recovery.  Family and friends-who insist that everyone has a drink- are in abundance and often forget about those in outpatient recovery.  Most of them simply don’t understand addiction.  They think that because they can stop after one drink, everyone must be able to stop after one drink.  Or, because one drink doesn’t lead to anything else for them it won’t be harmful for anyone else to have a drink.

Even when friends and family don’t insist that everyone has a drink at thanksgiving time, many in outpatient recovery feel like the odd one out.  Some, in a desperate attempt to “fit in” or appear “normal” under pressure, take that drink during the Thanksgiving toasts, and by doing so, begin the addiction cycle over again.

Research shows that after just one drink, those in outpatient recovery, will relapse on their drug of choice.  This information alone is enough to drum up some much needed will power at this year’s turkey dinner.

But, perhaps self-encouraging words during this thanksgiving time can help fight the pulls of addiction.  Maybe considering how blessed one is to be in outpatient recovery and be grateful for everything they have gained through abstinence will help fight the urge to have “just one drink” around the table.  Possibly being thankful for a sponsor and keeping in contact with that person throughout the thanksgiving holiday weekend can also give individuals the resolve and conviction they need to fight back in the battle of addiction.

The best time to make a plan for staying on-track with outpatient recovery during the Thanksgiving holiday is now: before the festivities begin.  If there is a possibility that alcohol will be served at a Thanksgiving dinner that someone in outpatient recovery is attending, they should have enough respect for themselves and their recovery to not attend there.  Having a sandwich at home with a trusted friend will provide better results that will produce more gratitude and thanksgiving in the end.