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FriendsBuringRecoveryImportance of Friends in Outpatient Recovery

Often when individuals enter into outpatient recovery, they find it challenging to maintain old friendships without relapsing back into old habits. Making new friends in recovery can be a challenge but it is important to finding success in recovery. Loneliness can be a scary and dangerous feeling when people are in outpatient recovery– especially at first. Forming friendships is essential. Creating a network of social acquaintances can often cure loneliness and provide support and needed advice during recovery.

Because outpatient recovery allows individuals to remain living at home and maintain jobs, education, etc. it is often difficult to separate from friends who are drinking or using. Individuals in outpatient recovery need to separate themselves from these friends so that they are not pulled back into their addiction.   Usually, during outpatient recovery, some friendships may need to be broken in order to maintain sobriety. Breaking these ties of friendship can prove difficult, but it will be rewarding if the individual in outpatient addiction recovery finds sobriety and success in the process. If individuals are serious about maintaining sobriety, these destructive friendships must be broken. But, ending these friendships will mean creating new ones in outpatient recovery.

Friends are an important part of successful recovery. Friends can provide certain support functions. An outpatient therapy group can offer not only emotional support, but also physical assistance in times of need. For instance, this could include help such as moving houses or performing tasks that require more than one person. The emotional support found in recovery friends in outpatient recovery can be vital. Leaning on each other for help in times of temptation or crisis can be vital to success. Also, friends can provide information. That includes relating their own successes and failures and what they’ve learned, places that were helpful during their recovery journey and places or people that slowed their recovery. All in all, having friends during outpatient recovery is very important for many reasons.