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About Turning Point

Turning Point Centers was started because the owners felt clients deserved a small group setting to get the true attention they deserve!  It’s a facility that only allows 16 clients in at a time with 4 private rooms.  This is great because the clients get tons of one-on-one time and really form strong bonds with each other and the staff!  As a matter of fact, every client gets 2-3 one-on-one sessions per week, and 1 one-on-one with our medical director each week, on top of the group sessions!  A small setting like Turning Point Centers is also nice because the counselors only carry a case-load of 3.  That means each counselor only has 3 clients as opposed to larger facilities where a counselor could have 8 clients.  What’s that mean?  Again, that the client gets true attention from their therapist!  This attention combined with the Cognitive Behavioral and Dual Diagnosis therapies makes the environment at Turning Point Centers one in which success comes out and clients realize their potential!

Another great aspect of the program at Turning Point Centers is that it’s a 90-day program.  Each client lives at the center for the 30-day portion and then, upon graduation, transitions into the outpatient portion of the program.  The reason this is so strong is because the transition for every client going from residential care to the “real world” can be very difficult.  Life starts trying to crash down on the client again and if the client doesn’t have support (after residential treatment) it can be tough.  With Turning Point Centers clients…when life starts crashing down on them they know they’re going to be back at Turning Point Centers for 3 nights a week to deal/cope with life.  The outpatient portion of the program is very strong in helping clients make this transition…it definitely betters their chances for success!